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Jubilee Boston Womens Conference 2106

Saint John 316 was a vendor at the Jubilee Boston Womens Conference 2016.  Over a 1,000 women came together over a period of three days at the Boston campus in Mattapan.

Hosted by Fist Lady, Mona Thompson, the event featured dynamic speakers with a focus on positioning and fulfilling potential.

Saint John 316 was one of approximately 10 vendors on location offering products to guests at the event. We spotted some previous customers sporting Saint John 316 year as well.

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Levitical Gathering for the Levites

Levitical Gathering for the Levites

Saturday, April 2nd was the  launch of the Monthly Levitical Gathering for the Levites. This ministry, inspired by Tawanna Johnson, of Boston Massachusetts was designed to offer refreshing, anointing, and deliverance particularly to those who serve in the area of musical praise and worship.

The initial event was a great success as more than 200 musicians, singers, and even laypeople filled the church at Word of Life Tabernacle in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.


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Harem Pants Styling

Harem Pants Styling

Model sitting in boutique wearing harem pantsHarem pants with their baggy silhouette at the hips and upper thighs, then tapering at the calves first made their rise to popularity in the 90’s lead by MC Hammer as he and his dance troupe jumped around energetically in the baggy trousers in ‘Can’t Touch This!” videos. To this day some still call them “Hammer Pants”.

Today’s version of Harem pants are much more sleek and sophisticated boasting various fabrics, designs and styles. They can be found on everyone from Pop stars to some of the coolest celebrities.

They continue to endure as strong fashion pieces due to their dramatic edginess along with effortless styling advantages:

  • They mix well with a wide variety of tops and accessories
  • A taller person can wear them lower at the hips while a shorter person would do well to wear them above the waist to elongate the body.
  • The cuffs don’t necessarily need to hit the ankles

Harem pants offer so much versatility that they can very well be considered a fashion essential. From a run to the supermarket to styling for the office; with the right coordinating pieces, these pants can be worn anywhere.

Harem_Pants_2There are tons of options, below we outline a few of our favorites.

Harem pants with Sneakers – This is one of the most simple, comfortable, every day looks you can carry with harem pants. A simple t-shirt, that you can either tuck in or tuck out. Add some simple accessories like a necklace or bracelets and wear them with your favorite kicks.

Style them with heels – If you’re going for a more formal look, then choose heels.  Along with a jacket or scarf and a matching handbag, this look offers simplistic sophistication.

Match up a Blazer -Blazers and scarves go wonderfully with harem pants, particularly if its a bit chilly outside. As mentioned above, this looks works great with heels, handbags, some simple jewelry and sunglasses. Ideal for the office.

Add some edge – Opt for a Leather Jacket over the blazer for some added drama


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